Antes muerta que en pareja. Collage de infografía y pastel sobre papel. 77x203 cm. 2006

Bio & CV

Born in Rome, Italy, 1942. Lives in Madrid, Spain.

Daughter of a painter of the Roman School, she studies in Rome and briefly in the U.S.A. She enrolls in the University of Rome (Philosophy) but leaves in order to devote herself to sculpture. Learns welding from local ironsmiths. By the time she moves to Spain, she has already taken part in several group shows for young artists.

After further training in forge and welding in Madrid, she produces iron sculptures made from welded scraps and other industrial debris, in a more or less expressionistic style.

After her first solo exhibition in Madrid, 1966, she takes a dive into pure geometry and produces work in spray-painted wood and plastic, but slowly returns from abstract geometry to a more expressionistic combination (1981-93). Experiments with softer materials: paper, fabric and wire mesh. Produces her Travel Sculptures, very large collapsible objects that can be carried around in small cases, like pieces of luggage. She goes through an extensive artistic exploration of her own biography by recreating objects that were meaningful to her, with the exhibitions Fragments for a Biography and Icons of Memory (1996-99).

Soon she moves on into installation, and starts working and showing abroad (Morocco and Germany, where she keeps exhibiting nowadays) and later video-performance and video (since 2000).

Selected Solo Exhibitions and Installations

2021 “The Algorithm”. Digital prints on archival paper. José Rincón Gallery, Madrid.
“Howl”. Original gouaches from 1962. Showroom Brita Prinz, Madrid.
“My Own Private Facebook”, installation at Trepppenhaus Galerie, Bielefeld (Germany)
“Back and Forth at Artists’ Residencies (1993-2104)”, School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis, Madrid
2018- “The incomparable Land”, Italian Embassy in Madrid
“Rome Souvenirs And The Little Girl Who Lived Among Staues”.Atelier MACRO, Rome. Site-specific installation and video.
2014- “Ibis redibis non amore morieris”, Espacio Intermitente, Madrid.
2011- “Back To The Sky, Back To The Sea”, Installation at Eichhofen Castle, Bavaria
2010- “The Disasters of Love “- Photonovels. Centro Cultural la Elipa, Madrid
2009- “Icelandic Notebook”- sketches and performances. Espacio Intermitente, Madrid.
2003– “Les objets métis”-Installation and photography. Musée de Marrakech, Morocco
2002- “Grüsse aus Berlin”- Installation and graphics. Guardini Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2001– “East River Blues”- Installation and photography. Neue Galerie, Karl Hofer Foundation, Berlin, Germany
2000– “Retching”- Photographs and objects- RayaPunto Gallery, Salamanca, Spain.
1998– “Icons of Memory”- Sculpture, installation and photography, at Montalbán Gallery,Madrid, and at Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca, Spain. “Hybridization”- Installation at Pumphuset Museum of Technology, Uppsala, Sweden, as part of the international art event EVENTA 4.
1996– “Fragments for a biography”- Sculpture and photography. Montalbán Gallery,
1996- “The Fall of Carthage”- Three installations. Cruce Cultural Space, Madrid.
1995– “Etruscan Time”- Installation. L’Angelot Gallery, Barcelona.
1993– “The Laugh of the Peoples”- Installation.Casa de la Entrevista, Alcalá de  Henares, Madrid.(catalog)
1992– “Voice”- Installation. Pabellón de la Ciudadela, Pamplona (catalog)
1990– “Travel Sculptures”-Collapsible fiber sculptures,  Salamanca Museum (catalog)
1990- “Roma Amara Amor”-Sculpture and photographs-  Vanguardia Gallery, Bilbao.
1989– “Altarpieces and Cruel Beds”- Sculpture and collage- Jorge Kreisler Gallery,  Madrid (catalog)
1985– “Vesta Vetusta”- Installation. Montenegro Gallery, Madrid.
1981-“10 Exercises with color”- Games and collages- Barquillo Gallery, Madrid (with state grant for VisualResearch) (catalog)
1976– Scrum, Madrid. Abstract geometric works, multiple sculpture and  visual education  materials based on traditional games.
1966– Neblí Gallery, Madrid. Iron sculpture and gouaches.

Selected Group Shows

2023– “Femicides and revenge”, Estudio RGF, Madrid.
2022– Metanoia, Installation “Inventory” at Espacio Intermitente, Madrid.
2020 – ”Sin género (de duda)”,  Adolfo Suarez Cultural Center, Tres Cantos (Madrid). Curated by Guadalupe Luceño.
2019 – “Interferences”, Pepe Buitrago Foundation, Villanueva de los Infantes (Ciudad Real)
2018 – “Kunstliebhaber öffnen Ihre Gärten”, Berlín Wannsee, Germany   “Passagen” Aquarium Compagnie (internet art)
“Blooming” an internet art project  by Elizabeth Ross
2017 – “Kunstliebhaber öffnen Ihre Gärten”, Berlín Wannsee, Germany
6ême Salon du Livre, Pollionay-Rhône, France
“Grusse an den Herrenabend”, Stadtmuseum, Kassel,Germany
2016–  “The Eagle Has Landed”, Podkowa Lesna Festival, Polonia
2015– “INTERBIFEP”, National Portrait Gallery, Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina “Displaced”, Schlachten Festival, Luckenwalde, Germany
2014– “Une mer, deux rivages”, MAC A , Asilah, Morocco. 2nd International Biennial of Casablanca, Morocco.  Passwort3, net art, Zeicheninstitut, Kassel, Germany
2013– “Space and Identity”, Pasaje Fuencarral, Madrid. “Art and Migration”, Kunsthalle Bahnitz , Brandenburg, Germany.  “City Stories”, GRAZ, Regensburg, Germany. “Portas  Abertas”, Eugenio de Almeida Foundation, Évora, Portugal
2012– “The borders of the Sea”, installation at Labirynt Festival, Slubice, Poland. “Séménces”, Installation at the1st International Biennial of Casablanca (Morocco). “About Amelia Moreno”, Galería Edurne, El Escorial (Madrid). “A Message in a Bag”, Berlin-Madrid, Ra del Rey Gallery, Madrid. “Aforadas” El Foro de Pozuelo
2011– 8th Encounter at El Dorado, Amelia Moreno Foundation, Quintanar de la Orden (To). “MemoriaS”, Palacio de la Mosquera, Arenas de San Pedro, Avila.  “1256 Stunden Schein”, Industrie Salon, Berlin.  “Triangles”- Live performance at 3-en-Suma, Madrid
2010– “Electrocutions”- El Foro de Pozuelo and Rita Bowen Gallery, Madrid.  “Migrations and Encounters”, Palacio de la Mosquera, Arenas de San Pedro (Av). “Z_Muda”, video in Madrid Film Festival
2009– “Abodes”- Palacio de la Mosquera, Arenas de San Pedro, Avila
2008– “Empatías”- Collège de l’Espagne, Paris. “Mediterranean Spaces”- Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca. “L’Espoir”- Traits d’union, Dak’Art Off Biennial, Dakar, Senegal. “Art for the Gedächtnis”, Gedächtniskirche and AB-Project Gallery, Berlin
2007– “Work, Culture, Work” , Galerie Alte Schule Adlershof, Berlin. “Pretérito imperfecto”, Univ. Jaume 1º, Castellón, Spain. 6th International Exhibition “Little M”, Lithuania tour (until 2011)
2006-“Seeing Oneself”, Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca.  “Three Gazes” Biennale Off, Dakar, Senegal. El Aleph, CAM, Madrid.  HMSXLDDS, El Foro de Pozuelo, Madrid. “Seeing Oneself”, Art Museum, Cluj_Napoca, Rumanía
2005– Art Over The City, Cesky Krumlov, Czekia
2004– “Global Traces”, Women’s Museum, Bonn, Germany
2002– “Sense sortida d’Emergència” (“No Emergency Exit”) – Museo de Sabadell, Spain  and Centro Multimedia, México City, Mexico. “Handvollkunst”, Handwerksform, Kassel, Germany. Moi de la Photo, Marrakech, Morocco
2001– “Purse”- Graphic works by 17 European artists- Werkgalerie, Dresden, Germany
1999-“Libros de artista (Artists’ Books)”- Eugenio Granell Foundation,St. James de Compostela
1998-“Libros de artista “- Palacio de Montemuzo, Zaragoza.Catalog.
1997-” Solidaritat i Art”-Museu d’Historia de Catalunya, Barcelona.Catalog. Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Salamanca.
1995-“Art Contemporain Espagnol”- Espace Medoquine, Talence, France.  “Mediterranean Artist’s Workshop”- College of Architects, Malaga.
1991-” Entre Telas y Telares”- Fundación Santillana, Santillana del Mar, Santander.Catalog.
1989– “A History of Geometric Art in Spain”- Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid.Catalog. “Barco por la Paz”- Antiguo Hospital de Maudes, Madrid.Catalog.
1985–  First Contest of Visual Research Projects, Salamanca.Catalog.
1983– “Homage to José Luis Gallego and Juan Ramón Jimenez”-Centro Municipal de Getafe, Madrid.
1981– “6×4”- Four works by six artists, Grisalla Gallery, Valladolid. 3rd Biennial of Oviedo. Catalog.
1979– 2nd Biennial of Oviedo. Catalog.
1978– “Panorama ’78”- Contemporary Art Museum, Madrid.
1977– “Forma y Medida”- Dirección General del Patrimonio, Sala Picasso, Madrid. Catalog “The City”-Vandrés Gallery, Madrid “Artists for Democracy”- Aleph 2 Gallery, Madrid.
1976– “Homage to Rafael Alberti”- Barcelona, Catalog.
1973– 2nd Biennial of Leon. Catalog.
1972– “What is about Spain”- Bologna and Milan, Italy.Catalogue.
1967– 7th March Salon, Valencia. 6th Women’s Exhibition, Barcelona.

Installations with the group “North/South/East/West”

Gisela Weimann (Germany); Angiola Bonanni (Italy); Marie Filippovová (Czechia); Cristina Ataide (Portugal)

2019 – 6th Contemporary Art Biennial, Museum Center, Baku (Azerbaijan)
2018- Moravian Museum, Brno, Czechia
2017– Espacio BOP, Madrid, Spain
2017– Gallery Interno 14, Rome, Italy.
2015- “Une mer, deux rivages”, Noir sur Blanc Gallery, Marrakech; Morocco
2014– “Une mer, deux rivages”, MAC A Asilah, Morocco.

Installations with "GRUPO SUTURA", founded in 1990

(Angiola Bonanni, Miguel Jiménez Granados, Ana Postigo, Pablo Siebel)

1996– “Alice in the Woods”-A site-specific ecological installation, Montalban Gallery, Madrid.
1993– “La Patera”(The Boat)- in “Cultura /crisis /cultura”, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid.
1992– “Quotidian Architectures”- Four individual installations, Galería DE, Madrid.
1991-“PerverseArchitectures”, four individual installations, Tate-Tate Gall. Madrid

Works in museums and Public Collections

MACVAC , Vicente Aguilera Cerni Contemporay Art Museum, Villafamés (Castellón)
Sabadell Museum, Catalonia, Spain
Getafe Municipal Museum ( Madrid)
Oviedo City Council
Salamanca Museum
Colegio del Rey Foundation, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany
Maison d’Art Contemporain MAC A , Morocco
Collection Maroc Premium, Ifitry, Morocco
Colegio de España en París